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it's about 'what is church?' it's about whether 'emergent' is the latest Christian trend or something more substantial. it's musing on what it means to live the city, in America, in community, intergenerationally, at this time in history...

Monday, April 25, 2005

A place to consider

You need to check out the Aidan Way The whole fundamentalist movement has been guilty of being more 'anti' than inviting. This is seen pretty clearly in the way Catholicism was villified, and along with it, historical practices of spiritual disciplines that were always, and still are, needed today as a means of providing the context for Christ to reveal Himself in our lives. And, layered on top of papal fears, our inbred addiction to Greek dualism seemed to create a Christianity that was wholly against the beauty of this created world. Into the fragmented reality, the Celtic church has much to offer. More pre-Catholic than Catholic, it's focus is on Christ being Lord over all creation, and His kingdom ethic finding expression in our lives, and in our life together as we seek to live faithfully in community. I'm cultivating the various practices of 'the way', and have found that a commitment to the rhythms therein are liberating. Check it out.


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