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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Preparing to be Provoked -

If you're going Wednesday night, and you've not yet read 'The Code', here are some sources to consider:

The DaVinci Code from Christianity Today

Themes from those who subscribe to the Code

The essence of the 'the problem' with the code

At stake here is the issue of how we treat history, and how we know. This discussion shows us that the debates about epistimology (how one 'knows' something) isn't being held solely, or even primarily, in ivory towers. It has spilled out into the streets of our post-modern world, provoding both earth shattering opportunities for the real gospel, and an increased sense of vulnerability for that same gospel, as deconstruction of previously held ideas is now both fashionable and expected.


At 16/5/05 14:17, Blogger now4now said...

Sill in the process of reading the articles however thought if very fun that the link to "DaVinci subscribers" is sponsered by 1000's of beautiful single Christians...:)

At 6/12/05 14:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just FYI, I know it's way after the fact of this post but it's epistemology not "epistimology" =)


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