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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

sorry for the delay

The web mistress is on holiday this week from our church office, so there may be a slight delay in pulishing the sermon notes and the mp-3 download. Sorry about that.

In the meantime, it was a great day to be up early with a run at the lake, followed by eggs and trout on the deck, along with good coffee (a nice blend of colombian supreme and espresso beans).

In the wake of yesterday's 4th of July celebration, I was noting this morning that I never tire of trees, never tire of flowers, never tire of sunrises, never tire of candlelight, never tire of that intimacy which happens when heart meets heart, never tire of my cat sleeping beside me as she purrs. But apparently I do tire of fireworks because last night, while I enjoyed good conversation with friends, the fireworks bored me. So after 8 years, I think I'll take next year off, or perhaps hike up Sauk mountain and camp on the summit so that I can look at the fireworks from Concrete and then fall asleep under the stars.

The best things in life are still .... made by God.


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