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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Full Scope... rediscovering the real power of the gospel

Nt Wright has written a provocative book, "The Challenge of Jesus" in which he advocates that we never stop learning and seeking in our quest to better understand and know that One we love and claim to follow.

This is especially true among we who have grown up in such linear environments: "10 Steps to Spiritual Maturity" "4 Laws for Salvation" etc. Such thinking has the effect of extracting all mystery from relationship, leaving one with precepts but no relationship. And the effect of such an emasculated relationship is a powerless faith, almost wholly private in its orientation. The author says, "It is not enough to say one's prayers in private, maintain high personal morality and then go to work to rebuild the tower of Babel." This, it seems, has been a great strategy of Satan. If he can reduce the gospel to something wholly personal and wholly interior, then the power of the gospel to change economics and political structures, to heal environmental degration and resore communities, that power will disappear. When that happens the gospel becomes less threatening to power structures, and wholly irrelevant to most people. If you're up for a challenging read, and want to be in touch with some of the latest scholarship regarding the person and work of Christ, don't forget to put this book on your list.


At 22/11/05 10:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

... (Shameless plug time) Plus this February through early April there will be a Sunday School class discussing this book from 11-noon in the Basement. Details to come! (End of shameless plug time) -- Ben McFarland


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