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Monday, February 06, 2006


Three dropped Passes
Two missed field goals
One Interception
...and a terrible towel in a pear tree

The good news: The sun still came up this morning (actually, came up better than it has in weeks). Running around Greenlake is still beautiful at 7AM. The Kingdom of God is still at hand, and each of us have the opportunity to bless and serve our broken world in Jesus name - and to be shaped by the loving hand of Christ - and to breathe in the glory of God, as revealed in creation and fellowship, celebration and beauty, discipleship and justice.

As Mike Holmgren's wife said in response to the question of why she would miss her husband's big game, choosing to be in Africa instead: "his game is big - but it's entertainment. What we're working on is life and death." Let's get on with it.



At 7/2/06 15:57, Blogger Mercurial Dreams said...

just logged back onto your blog. I always take comfort when my team loses that in no way is my life really impacted...I suppose the only way it could is if I was in Vegas and laid down a huge bet. But, alas, I wasn't so I'm fine today.

check out
for an update on the new name of the boat...I think you'll dig it.

At 8/2/06 00:01, Blogger andrew said...

wow, a seattle fan who didn't bring up bad calls!

yah, its nice to see the sunshine again.


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