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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Birthdays... and middle age giving

My wife and I are at that point in our lives when gift giving is, for both of us, somewhat challenging. If you've ever read the silly little book called, "The Five Love Languages", you'll know that gift giving is one way some people feel loved and affirmed. However, that doesn't seem to be the case in the Dahlstrom household, at least with the parents. I wouldn't say it's because we're living so simply, though we try to. Rather, it's because we have particular tastes, and when we want something, we'll probably just go buy it anyway - and we're also at a point where frivilous stuff that we'll neither use or enjoy is just not worth having around.

So for my wife's birthday , I gave a sewing machine to a woman in India who can use it to start her own business. And of course, my wife is of such a nature that she was delighted. She'd spent the previous weeks sewing costumes for my daughter's school play, and it was, for her, an appropriate way to bless someone else. Happy birthday to my wife, who lives so generously. Want to give such gifts yourself? Check this out.


At 27/3/06 11:49, Anonymous Dan said...

Great stuff Richard. Do you have a good resourse you use on-line that "teaches" about simple living?

At 31/3/06 13:01, Anonymous Joy said...

thank you so much for sharing this. my church growing up had an annual Alternative Christmas Market, and i loved saving up my money and figuring out exactly how to spend it.

having just had a baby, we are more inundated than ever with STUFF. it's so important to remember that Jesus was born in a manger without the benefit of Baby Einstein DVD's and colic-reducing bottles and the hippest stroller. and he didn't turn out too bad!

thanks, Richard.


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