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Saturday, July 15, 2006

It's a go -

Tomorrow in our worship services we'll be making the significant announcement that Bethany Community Church has decided to proceed with the Share Life facilities expansion plan, with a groundbreaking expected in August, and a new parking lot for Bagley Elementary School expected right around the start of the school year.

We live in an uncertain world, and the events of the past week in the middle-east only serve to heighten our awareness of how tenuous everything is. And yet, we mustn't allow questions about tomorrow stop us from what we perceive to be obedience to God's calling today. For our leaders, who have invested countless hours of work and prayer into this matter, there's only one reason to build: we desire to be a better and clearer presence of Christ for our city - a place where people can discover Christ through teaching, relationships, and service to our city and our world. It was good news to me that the night our church leadership made this huge decision, by far the larger amount of time in the meeting was devoted to matters of ministry, as we seek to equip our community to more effectively serve.

Who knows what tomorrow will hold? But we do know that this is a step for the Bethany Community that is unprecedented, requiring of us prayer, and a commitment to serving that will both challenge and transform us.


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