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Friday, August 25, 2006

Pictures...and a good read

Just a quick note before going into hiding in order to prepare for Sunday, and perform a wedding tomorrow on an island. Here’s the link to some pictures of Colorado, including some hikes to “The Sisters”, “Gem Lake”, and a climb up “Longs Peak”. It was all great fun, and an incredible blessing to be among the rocks and trees, who speak clearly of God’s creativity, sustaining power, and beauty. I hope you enjoy them.

And if it rains anytime soon and you feel the need to be indoors reading a book, David James Duncan book: “God Laughs and Plays” is a series of essays that will challenge, provoke, encourage, and entertain any thoughtful person of faith. You don’t need to agree with everything someone writes in order to be fed and blessed – truth is oozing out all over the place! Enjoy the weekend.


At 28/8/06 01:39, Blogger itstooearly said...

hey man,
i am giving this blogging idea a run. you have really been consistent on this!
see you in a 12 hours, i am feeding simon a late night bottle!
- chris

At 28/8/06 08:46, Blogger Mandy said...

Thanks so much for the book recommendation! I LOVE Bryan James Duncan - The River Why & Brother's K are 2 of my favorites - but I had never heard of this one, so thanks - I'll have to pick it up!
-Mandy Neill


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