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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Not that everybody is always sitting around reading - and not that everyone who is sitting around reading is looking for these kinds of books...BUT there are some of you who have asked for a reading list. Since the nights are longer, many of us are going indoors. With el nino predicted for this winter, we might be looking at sketchy snow, which might mean even more reading time due to less skiing (or perhaps we'll just do some winter mountaineering instead!).

Anyway, here's a quick list of recommended books. Each of them has been a part of my life over the past year. Some I've read completely, others partially, some for the 1st time, others revisited:

Letters from Prison, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
The Great Divorce, by CS Lewis (fiction)
The Space Trilogy, by CS Lewis (fiction) - It's good even if you don't like fiction.
Leap Over a Wall, by Eugene Peterson - Studies from the life of David
Why the Rest Hates the West - a study of the cultural differences that are contributing to tensions between Western Civilization and other parts of the world.
Resident Aliens -
Reclaiming America, by Richard Austin. This books is an examination of environmental issues in America; how our lifestyles and policies contribute to the problem, and what we could do to change things. Though his ideas are outside the mainstream, Austin presents a thoughtful offering.
Moral Vision of the New Testament, by Richard Hays. This author will be at Seattle Pacific in November. The study of ethics seems to be one of the most significant disciplines the church needs to address at the beginning of the 21st century, and Hays' book is at the forefront of this arena.
Eat this Book, by Eugene Peterson. This is an offering from Peterson about what it means to be absorb the Bible into the fabric of our lives.

So grab some good coffee... grind the beans yourself... make your French press coffee... light a fire... and read!


At 23/10/06 12:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of sharing books, here's a new site that helps do just that:

It might help w/ all the books you reference in your sermons.


At 23/10/06 21:54, Blogger Richard Dahlstrom said...

Thanks! I signed up and it looks like a great way to keep a library.

At 26/10/06 12:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this together Richard! I appreciate it. - Jason Gregory

At 27/10/06 09:39, Anonymous rallyfan said...

Richard, thanks for your reading list. I'd like to suggest a book to add to your list that I just finished reading. In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day by Mark Batterson. You can find it on Amazon.

It has really challenged me to think "more aggressively" about how we chase the dreams that God gives us.


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