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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sermon Questions

This might need to become a different blog at some point, but a few people have asked me for questions related to the Sunday teaching series. This coming Sunday we'll cover I Samuel 18-20.

Here are some questions for discussion:

  1. What did Jonathan’s friendship cost him?
  2. Did Jonathan know that David was anointed to be king when made the covenant of friendship?
  3. Jonathan ends up ‘going down’ with his father. Talk about this a little bit. Why didn’t he run away with David?
  4. Why did David weep more at his parting with his friend than Jonathan did?
  5. Talk about friendship in our culture. What are the challenges to entering in the David/Jonathan paradigm? Is such a paradigm even intended to be normal?
The actual sermon will be available, starting on Tuesday, here.


At 23/1/07 08:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard, this is great. I used to have a habit of taking home the sermon schedules so that I could study the scripture the week before you were to speak on it. I've gotten away from that, but this is a reminder of how fruitful that was for me. I hope you continue to do this so that I can reclaim that practice! Thanks!


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