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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Foundation Dedication

We gathered outside on the newly poured foundation for the sanctuary that's part of our facilities expansion. It was an historic moment for this little community of believers and I think that as we looked around there was a realization that these days are the days which have been entrusted to us: not yesterday, so there's no need to hold on to it; and not tomorrow, so there's no need to fear it. But these days, this time, is our time to carry the torch handed us by others, seeking to live faithfully as a testimony of hope in a world of incredible upheaval. When I was studying in seminary over 20 years ago, I couldn't have imagined the issues that would be shifting our world and undermining the foundations of security we've built our lives upon. But global terror, tribal wars, environmental degradation, deep divisions among people of faith over economic, political, and social issues, and the increasing gap, both locally and globally, between the rich and the poor are all real crises. And yet, the anxiety and fear that flows our from these crises make this a time of genuine opportunity to serve and care for others. As I shared Sunday, it's our desire to be a place of hope, serving and blessing our city in Jesus name. After praying and receiving communion on this new foundation, hundreds of prayers were written on the cement. Here are a few.


At 25/4/07 11:16, Blogger Alissa said...

What an amazing moment!
What a faithful God.
Thanks for sharing.


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