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Monday, August 20, 2007

The writing ‘life’

Sorry about the sparse entries for the past little bit. It’s a very busy season: 3 weddings in the next 4 weeks; The impending start of a new ministry year with all that entails, and a publishing deadline for a book I’m writing. It’s that last one that has occupied me most heavily this past week. I’ve been hiding away at a cabin, writing a third of a day, exercising another third (hiking, biking, about the go running up at the Mt. Baker ski area), and reading or watching movies the other third.

About the writing – I’m amazed at how easily it flows... sometimes. During those times I feel as if I’ve been writing for only a few minutes and I look at the clock and realize it’s been three hours. Other times, inspiration comes agonizingly slowly. I look at the clock it’s been fifteen minutes, but felt like three hours. “Inspiration” is a word I use pretty loosely in this context, because often I’ll go back and read what I was working on and think, who wrote that dribble? Sadly, it was me.

Largely though, I very much enjoy the discipline of writing as another means of giving shape to ideas and sharing them with others. I’m finding that I write better if I write more often, but that the writing needs, in my case, to be balanced with input: reading, movies, time in creation. Over the past week, while I’ve been in hiding, I’ve finished book six of Harry Potter (unbelievable!… I think there will be a twist in book seven whereby…wait… don’t want to give it away) Useless Beauty, a book about movies and Ecclesiastes, and the movie “Love Actually”. Richard Curtis, the writer/director of that movie was interviewed last week at the conference I attended, and I wanted to watch it. If you’ve not seen it, I’d recommend it as a shining example of both our longings to connect, and the barriers that prevent us from doing so. He’s a very interesting fellow, deeply committed to issues of justice and poverty (writer of another great movie: Girl in the Cafe, and terribly creative. His interview gave me a whole new appreciation for what are usually called, “chick flicks”.

It’s been a very good time away, as I’ve come to realize what a joy it is when all the pieces of my life are linked. The outdoor pursuits, the love of books and movies, and writing have all kind of melted together this week, each drawing on the other for various resources. Such seasons are a gift indeed! The sad part is that I’ve still a fair bit of work to do before completing the book, and there’s a publishers deadline looming in about 5 weeks! Off for a run… more later.

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At 20/8/07 17:08, Blogger Joy said...

How exciting to hear you're writing a book! Do we get any hints as to the subject matter, or do we just have to wait?

And you do know that Harry Potter Book 7 has been released, right? ;-) There's some great storytelling!

May the writing continue to flow!

At 24/8/07 14:51, Blogger Tom said...

I'm also a fan of "The Girl in the Cafe;" I've always wanted to host a viewing of that film along with "Lost in Translation" and "My First Mister." They would make
a great trilogy

At 7/9/07 15:30, Blogger Devin said...

I just finished book 6 and am starting on 7. I think I've got the "twist" figured out :)

Good to hear the book is making progress and that you're maintaining some balance!


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