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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good to be home...

Here are the last of the pictures that I'll be posting from our trip to Europe. Donna and I arrived home last night and went straight away to our daughter's winter Christmas Cocnert (thanks Mr James... for an awesome concert), and today I'm back working, preparing for Sunday and Christmas Eve, and working on our the prayer team that will be a new ministry of our church. I'm deeply grateful for the joys of traveling and sharing time with my very best friend, for the many good friends God has given us in Europe, for the chance to learn from my friends and there, and most important, for the privilege of shepherding one of greatest congregations anywhere. The more I travel, teach, and listen to the stories of others, the more grateful I am for God's faithfulness to Bethany, and for the opportunities that He's given us of displaying Christ's life in the midst of our broken world.


At 19/12/07 18:51, Blogger Lynnea said...

Welcome back! Glad you two got to travel together. Hopefully you get some rest during this Christmas season.


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