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Thursday, November 06, 2008


I'm grateful for several things this very rainy morning before heading off to teach:

1. We've witnessed history this week. No matter your view, red or blue, of how best to solve our nations problems and move forward, the election of an African-American to the highest office in the land is, as Thomas Freidman wrote in the New York Times, a milestone of still unperceived proportions. I pray that the reconciliation and tearing down of walls that is marked through this achievement will be move us forward in our ongoing national healing.

2. As I teach this week, I remain profoundly grateful for the Bible and the joy God has given me in both diving into it, and sharing discoveries I learn there. I'm teaching this week at the school where I first taught students 19 years ago, and I realize that the joy of sharing Christ through His Word has never diminished.

3. I hope you'll share my joy and forgive a little boast, as the book I wrote was listed by Publisher's Weekly this week as one of the best books of 2008 in the 'religious books' category. If you'll scroll down on this link a bit you'll find it there. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing process, but don't feel at all qualified to assess the quality of my own work, so it's been another highlight of my week to have PW affirm the work. It gives me encouragement to write again.

These are amazing days friends. We all need the fortification of our faith in Christ to be the presence of hope in a world where it appears that there's darkness at every turn. May His life energize, direct, and bless us as we follow Him.



At 6/11/08 09:12, Blogger Kyle said...

Having 02 recognized is a great accomplishment... it's always nice to get kudos from outside your sphere of community. Be proud, and enjoy the moment. ;-)

And thanks for your political posts. I have friends and family on both sides of the aisle, and I have been both impressed and disappointed with some of the public reactions I've seen. Your posts have been measured and focused. No matter who won there is a lot of work ahead... ultimately compromise is going to be the key to success.

Take care,
Kyle Tyler

At 6/11/08 09:37, Anonymous Nathan said...

Nathan Key also recognizes your book as one of the best of '08 (though I doubt my ringing endorsement is quite as profound as Publisher's Weekly)!

Congrats! Well deserved.

At 6/11/08 10:43, Blogger Sean said...

I ordered your book. After hearing you at Ravencrest the two years I was there, I was excited to see you had published something. I look forward to reading what God has taught you.

At 6/11/08 15:48, Blogger Rusty said...

Richard -

With the topic of gratitude, I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that your ministry encountered my life. I heard you speak at Sky Ranch a few years ago.

I can't describe how much my life is filled every time I get in my car and listen to your podcast, or get on my computer and read your blog. I know it is strange to hear, but your ministry stretches with every word to a random twentysomething youth minister in Texas.

I'm grateful for you, and am constantly amazed that people who encounter each other so briefly get to be a part of such an amazing story together in Christ.

At 6/11/08 20:51, Anonymous Lisa said...

Congratulations, Richard! I loved the book and now I'm sure many more people will have the chance to benefit from your wisdom.

At 7/11/08 07:39, Anonymous Allison Carver said...

Mazel Tov, Richard! I've been handing copies out to friends and family since this summer. Nice to know I wasn't the only one who thought it was a much-needed word! Can we entice you and Donna to come celebrate in Alki? :)

At 7/11/08 10:22, Anonymous donte said...

Congratulations on your success as an author. You have a brilliant mind and heart and it’s great to know that your thoughts are ‘on loan’ to the world. Is there and audible version available?

At 7/11/08 13:36, Blogger Kristie Vosper said...

Congrats! That's fantastic news!! :)

At 10/11/08 15:02, Blogger Krista said...

Congratulations on your book! I just found your blog through Kate McDonald. However, you spoke at Portantorchas in the spring of 2001 when I was there. And you are the one I remember the most from that semester.
Amazingly enough our pastor was speaking yesterday on the woman at the well - from John chapter 4 - and it was some of the things that you said all those years ago that came to mind!
I hope you don't mind me reading along here!


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