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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Concert for Concerted effort... spilling hope

If you're looking for something to do this weekend in Seattle, you might want to check out the Marathon/Republic concert being held this Saturday night. This free concert is sponsored by the Spilling Hope project, which is devoted to raising money for water projects in Uganda.

It's been deeply encouraging to see how, as people's awareness of both the grave need, and the simplicity of the solution, has grown, people have changed their lifestyles as our church has launched this challenge. Further, it's heartening to realize that for very little money, the water situation can change for villages, and this change can lead to addressing infrastructure issues such as health care and education, both of which are needed for any substantive economic development.

Here's a CNN report on the water crisis. "It's not a technological problem, or an economic problem, it's a problem of will and commitment." How great would it be to see the church at the forefront of solving a problem by demonstrating the needed will and commitment to do so. Here's the link to Living Water International's Africa initiatives, and here's a Spilling Hope video with Africa specific issues and dates of events at Bethany Community Church

We have the potential of blessing tens of thousands of people presently without water if we all do our part. So... if some of you have changed your lifestyle, living more simply in order to give to the project, please post a comment here and share what you're doing... it might give others ideas, or help others get involved. Thanks... I'm excited for the concert, and awed to consider what we can do when we all work together toward a common goal.


At 7/5/09 15:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it's not super-exciting, but I've traded in eating out for lunch at work every day for bringing in sandwich fixings and making my own meals. I've not been entirely consistent with it, but it's a start. :)


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