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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Twitter... and breathing

Interested in twitter?  I'm here now.  I found myself enjoying keeping up with what other people are doing, and thought it would be fun to join the party... it really is just as simple as that.  

In other personal news, I'm working in earnest on my 2nd book right now, just as the O2 book is beginning a blog tour.  You can learn about that over here.  

Finally... had a great conversation last night after the service about the nature of the gospel, which led to discussion about the primary purpose of God's redemptive purposes.  It was all very rich, and I'd love to blog about now, but on Sunday night's my brain's a little mushy.  I'm off to compline, but wanted to simply post quickly and let you know about the twitter thing...  


At 6/10/09 00:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pastor Dalhstrom,

You mentioned having this conversation after one of your Bethany services. Do you ever have an actual Q&A for people to ask follow-up questions to your sermons?

At 6/10/09 11:58, Blogger Rochelle-Ann said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the recommendation left on twitter about your new book. I love compline and can't wait to get it at next paycheck and enjoy for fall! When I was at school an Episcopal priest used to lead us in evening prayers from the book of common prayer every night it was wonderful! Can we do more with this kind of thing at church?


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