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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Ways to be...

I'm just thinking of two quick things as I take a break in the middle of the day to write. The first is something shared at last night's board meeting regarding a woman who enters the Danskin Triathlon every year (my wife, who had a blast doing it for this first time this past Sunday, is on the left). Every year this woman enters and makes a point of finishing last so that nobody else will need to face that condition. What a wonderful way to be - concerned with others to the point of emptying oneself of personal prerogative in order to bless others. Jesus had a great deal to say about servanthood and this woman, whose name I don't know, seems to me to be the embodiment of Jesus words on the subject, as well as Paul's. May I learn from her to take up the towel and put down the sword, for only then will the Life of our Lord be seen. Be a servant

2nd, and I don't usually pump church events on the blog, I'm excited about tomorrow night because we're teaming up with Greenlake Presbytarian church to do a "Prayer Walk" on Aurora. This strip of industry, prostitution, drugs, homelessness, and low income housing has, for too long, been neglected by Christ's church. But in His timing and mercy, there is a stirring, and our two churches will join together tomorrow night to walk and pray, offering ourselves together to Him, and believing that He will guide is into the privilege and messiness of serving. I'm excited for two reasons. First - this is a chance to unite rather than divide the body of Christ. Second - I received an e-mail from a resident of the neighborhood where we'll be walking. She caught wind of the prayer walk and assured me that she's telling everyone she knows about it, and expects that others will join her in turning out for the event. Even before doing anything, it seems that the light is beginning to shine in the darkness. If you're local and have a heart for the neighborhood, join us at Bethany at 7PM. If not, pray with us, for we'll be walking into a place of darkness, intent on letting light shine and open to Jesus' direction regarding how to do that. Be Light.


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