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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Warm Climate / Cold Climate

I've been in San Antonio for the past two day in order to teach a day long seminar today on the effects of post-modernism, especially as it relates to Christian camping ministries. Aside from the stimulating conversation all day, I've been intrigued once again by the cultural differences that weather creates. Last night I ate dinner outside at BBQ place on the RiverWalk. Somehow, the nature of dining outside encourages both lingering and communication. I met my neighbors at the table to my left, (two Washingtonians playing basketball for a college in Hawaii and in San Antonio for games), and the people to my right, (a couple from Minnesota attending an investment conference). Soon we were all talking together and as I looked around I realized the same thing was going on all along the river.

In northern climates, the cold drives us indoors, and often in being so driven, we turn to tasks. Somehow the outdoor culture seems to more readily turn to relationships. Here a link to consider the subject. I think of Joni Mitchell's song: "Come in from the Cold" and how the words 'frigid' and 'cold' describe relational dysfunctions.

All for now... I'll be coming in from the warmth as I return to snowy Seattle in the morning.


At 2/12/05 06:27, Blogger Dan said...

I was just listening to Night Ride Home the other day. Great album. DD


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