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Friday, May 26, 2006

Internships Available for 06-07

One the core values of the church I shepherd is our commitment to 'invest in the leadership of the next generation'. That little statement includes a boatload of meaning and application. Because of it, we who are older need to be continually passing the torch, not in some 'symbolic' way, but in real ways, giving adults in their late teens and twenties real ministry responsibilities, and real mentoring. This past year, our staff spent time evaluating our internship ministry, and I'm excited about the changes we'll be making in the coming year to make it better. Our vision is to provide real opportunities for ministry, to enable people to discover their callings and gifts, and to find expression for those gifts in the supportive environment.

If you or someone you know, is able to invest 15-25 hours each week in this kind of ministry, check out this link, or forward it to those who might benefit. A friend is working with me on building a 'leadership development' ministry that we believe will be very good, and those who are involved in the internship in this coming year may be the first recepients the seeds of this labor. Interested?


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