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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Travel Day - Needing Stillness

Up at 4:30 after a night of intermittent rain in East Texas oil country. I shower and step into the muggy air for only a few steps, and then my car is loaded. Into the dark of night, I retrace my steps to the radio surfing of hip-hop, country western, and NPR before finally choosing silence as I head back: Country Road 1805 to FM 16; FM 16 to Interstate 20 heading east. 20 becomes 80 and if I’m careful 80 becomes 30, becomes 35E northbound, and by that time the darkness has lifted to reveal the thick fog that is DFW airport. Eggs at Dickey’s BBQ (‘hold the grits please’) and then a flight and another flight and I’m in Denver.

A friend who lives at the center where I’m teaching is arriving at the airport at the same time, so we drive together to Estes Park, enjoying good conversation. Now I sit on the deck of the chalet where I’m staying and gaze west as the sun sets over Rocky Mountain National Park. I’ve been reading an article about simplicity on the plane and can feel the call of the wild, and the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ. I can see the wind whipping snow off the ridges as the sky turns purple. A cup of tea. A little music. God is here, reminding me that though I live in a rather complex moment, and have a complex job – the complexities are mostly just anxiety stemming from my insecurity, and from gazing too closely at the issues. I need to step back from the problems more often – step back into the arms of God. Only there, is one enabled to serve and lead and love out from a posture of security and assurance that 'all manner of things shall be well' . All else is posturing, whether that posturing wear the clothes of culture or counter-culture – left or right – North or South.

All of this is just a fancy way of saying, “Be still and know that I am God”. I was, for a little while this afternoon at sunset, and I have good news… He still is.


At 8/5/06 11:08, Blogger Mandy said...

I LOVE what you said about the complexities of your job stemming from the anxiety of your insecurities. That is so true and yet, I had never thought of it that way! Thank you for articulating that hope that we can step back into God's arms when the complexities seem overwhwelming!

At 11/5/06 17:20, Anonymous katie kilgore said...

I like the visual idea of stepping or leaning back into God's arms rather than climbing up to Him. Sometimes the tiredness makes the climbing harder.... Pause for a small snicker as I realize who I am writing to, the climbing guru. But, for those of us who don't climb, stepping back and leaning is much easier. Thanks for the simple picture along with my all time favorite verse "Be Still......"


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