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Monday, August 28, 2006

Don't Miss: Wednesday Night

Have you ever asked these kinds of questions?

1. If Jesus is the only way to God - what about the people who've never heard the name?
2. What about people who have heard the name, but have rejected "Jesus" because His followers have so grossly misrepresented His character, painting a picture of Jesus as a greedy, nationalistic, warring, prudish, arrogant patriarch. If that's the only Jesus I know and I reject that, what happens to me?
3. What about the people who overtly deny Jesus' unique claims about Himself?
4. Should we even be asking these questions? Why or Why Not?
5. How am I to interface with people of other faiths in a pluralistic society?

I suppose we won't answer all these questions Wednesday night, as they've been on the table for maybe 1980 years or so, but we'll at least start the conversation, which has been the whole point of our Wednesday night summer series. Our guest speaker this Wednesday evening is familiar with the subject of religious pluralism, having been in Ireland in the midst of their religious conflicts. If you're near Seattle, I encourage you to check it out this Wednesday evening - at 7PM at Bethany. I look forward to seeing you there.



At 28/8/06 17:02, Anonymous jeremy said...

Richard, I am a long-time lurker on your blog that has grown spiritually through many of your writings. This topic in particular sounds very interesting. Unfortunately I'm a Eastsider with 2 kids that cannot make it over to Greenlake on Wednesday. Is there any chance this discussion could be recorded as a video or audio file? I would love to see a video or listen to a podcast of this discussion.

At 28/8/06 19:25, Anonymous Kristin said...

Ditto that request! I'll be across the way in the songwriting workshop, but I'd love to hear this session as well. Maybe we can work out a way to record it?? And it also reminds me of the discussion group that started to form awhile back. These are great questions to continue to ponder together. Anyone interested in re-visiting the idea of gathering together?

At 30/8/06 19:17, Blogger Kristi said...

Ditto the podcast request!


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