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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Law and Spirit - Discussion Questions for Today's Sermon - I Samuel 21-22

1. What does David do right in this story? What is wrong? What is neither right or wrong?

2. Is running from Saul 'right' or does it show a lack of faith? How about David's lying, as he says he's on the king's business? If you were hiding people, would you lie to protect them?

3. How do we make decisions in these ethical matters? And how do we treat each other when we disagree?

Though these questions are used for discussion groups who listen to the sermon (available Tuesday at, feel free to post answers to any of these questions here as well. We'd all benefit from the discussion.


At 28/1/07 23:04, Blogger Unknown said...

Richard, did you really post this at 3:11am. Should't you be getting some rest instead of at the computer?

Jim Bjornstad

At 28/1/07 23:17, Blogger Richard Dahlstrom said...

Ahhh... but I'm in Germany, though haven't changed the clock on my computer, so it was actually posted at noon in Europe! Rest happens best when it's dark outside.


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