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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another Great Movie

No weddings this weekend... so I watched a movie. I hope you'll watch Avenue Montaigne. It's a well put together French film about a time and place where several lives intersect, offering a glimpse into the lives of several people, and powerful commentaries on aging, love, loss, careers, and other things that matter a great deal.

When the pianist plays for the cancer patients... well, it's simply one of the best elements I've ever seen in film, but that could well be the bias of a piano player clouding the assessment. I often enjoy French films because they don't moralize. They don't say, "this person is good, and that person is bad." Instead they simply tell the story, and in the story you find beauty and ugliness, fear and courage, scattered throughout the characters. I wish more American films were made this way.

I'd love to read Ecclesiastes aloud with a few friends, and then watch this film -the things that matter.



At 11/9/07 20:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I particularily enjoyed this somewhat unique blog. There are some limits as to how vulnerable we can be in the public arena. At the same time, like a puzzle, any missing pieces should complete the picture, not paint a new one.

Keep blogging, but don't neglect to also pour out your heart to a trusted friend. Loren


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