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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Living the Story...

Maybe you heard Sunday's sermon. I mentioned some college student that taught knitting in Africa for the purposes of economic development. You can read them on msnbc, here. When Moses asks God how God is going to use him to deliver the people from slavery, God asks Moses a question right back: "What is that in your hand?" It turns out that Moses had a walking stick, a staff. And as the story unfolds in Exodus three, we see that this stick is the very thing God uses to enable Moses to do a job bigger than his human capacity.

"What's in your hand?" Artistic ability? Oceans of compassion? A love of the elderly, or children? A knack for making money? Ability to crochet hats? Whatever it is, God can certainly use, as we make ourselves available and step into His story. The challenge though, as I shared on Sunday, is that we're not able to pick and choose, joining God's story with our creativity, but keeping our financial, sexual, relational choices for ourselves. So the work of peeling our hands off of that which we're fearful of relinquishing begins, and if we let God take us there... well I'm certain quite a story will unfold.

Thus ends the stewardship series... next week: GRACE ANATOMY: The meaning and calling of church.


At 25/9/07 22:57, Anonymous Davey said...

Pastor Dahlstrom-

Thank you for your challenge to step into that which God has called us. I am completely humbled and awestruck that God would call me where He has, although it's frustratingly difficult and frequently is daunting and intimidating. Thank you for the reminder that it's only once I step into the calling that I'll begin to see how He's going to make the seemingly impossible possible.

Also, thank you for meeting with us all last nite. I appreciate your willingness to give up your Monday nite to answer our questions, and it was so fun to see you and Pastor Phil interacting outside of Sunday mornings. One question that I did have which I did not have the opportunity to ask was, "Do you believe that as those of us who are single consider marriage there truly is "The One" or is it that once you walk down the aisle your spouse becomes "The One"?" I've heard varying opinions, and I was wondering what you thought...


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