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Monday, October 22, 2007


Maybe you need a little cheering up today? This slide show (you'll need two minutes to view it) offers just the right medicine, and reminds us:

1. in a world of adversarial relationships, there are hints of grace
2. the animal kingdom offers us reminders of the value of play, it's more important than we think.
3. all creatures of our God and King indeed - how awesome it is when all creatures will be whole enough to play together


At 25/10/07 22:27, Blogger ryan said...

Richard, Thanks for the reminder of the necessary and life-giving nature of PLAY, and the way we see Christ's truths revealed in creation. Such a refreshing message, one not often relayed by today's leaders...Thank You.


At 26/10/07 01:23, Blogger The Librarian said...

thank you for that post, richard. I listened to Jurgen Moltmann at SPU on Wednesday and he talked about his hope for our integration with nature. this slideshow imparted that hope. I was especially moved by the animal's willingness to to be vulnerable in order to engage in play. so beautiful.

At 11/11/07 21:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard, the image of the grizzle bear and wolf playing was amazing. Looking at those pictures made me thank God for his wonderful creation.



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