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Sunday, December 07, 2008

happy advent from Austria

I took this video so that you could here the church bells and see where this Bible School is. Tonight, there's a Kidd Rock concert right next door to the school, in the parking lot of the ski area, just about 150 meters (or less) from the classroom. I'll be using the lyrics of his song "Amen" to talk about Christ meets our longings for justice, peace, and reconciliation.

Glad to be here, though it's also true that I miss being there.

Blessed Advent


At 7/12/08 09:29, Blogger em said...

that is quintessentially BEAUTIFUL! thanks for sharing.

At 8/12/08 22:40, Anonymous Timo K├Ârber said...

HI Richard,

happy advent from the European neigborhood! God bless your time in Austria...and if you happen to come close to Kempten on this year's trip, we would love to see you!!
Love, Timo&Lydia

At 10/12/08 18:30, Blogger Joanie said...

Such a beautiful location... These are truly special moments that are a priceless gift shared with others!


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