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Monday, July 18, 2005

North Cascades

Here's the link for a few pictures from our vacation. It was a fabulous time filled with uncertain weather, bear sightings, quiet reading, incredible beauty, lots of sleep, physical challenge, spiritual renewal, and even some very good food. I'm grateful that my wife introduced me to the backcountry so many years ago, and profoundly grateful that the two of us have both the health and enjoyment of the outdoors that enable us to continue! I would add that making the effort to travel light is increasingly worthwhile in direct proportion (or perhaps even exponentially porpotional) to one's age!

In another vein, if you're looking for some summer reading, try this link for a variety of what appear to be really good books. I can't say I've read them all (thankfully) but the selections I know are very good!

The discussion on the ethics series has been stimulating to say the least. There have been many great comments, some thoughtful dialogue, with a few instances of labelling being thrown in along the way. Regarding the labelling, I think it reveals how difficult clear communication is and how we all, in spite of our best efforts to the contrary, tend to interpret everything we receive through our own filters and biases, with the result that people draw different conclusions from the same collection of words. I can see from the responses that I'm viewed as both liberal and conservative, post-modern and fundamentalist. Perhaps we all need to drop these categories and extrapolations and simply continue to dialogue as those who know that Christ alone is the source and end of all truth, and therefore, all life as well.


At 19/7/05 09:01, Anonymous Lisa said...

Richard, I'm glad to have you back. But also glad that you had such a lovely time away. Your photos were glorious! I went to Rainier last weekend, it was my first time! We plan to return in a couple of weeks. Having seen your pictures though, I'm inspired to check out the North Cascades. I could use a good break! I'm wearing out.

At 19/7/05 12:37, Anonymous Jenny Sorensen said...

Your smiles are infectious! Glad to see you had a wonderful time away. Speaking of good books...just read a book called "Bono on Bono: Conversations with Michka Assayas". Very telling and very uplifting to hear the heart and faith of a rock star I respect so much. Just thought I would add another to your long list of must-reads. Cheers, Jenny


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