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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Drink Responsibly...

Thinking about having a cup of coffee? Maybe you're avoiding coffee because you've been misinformed about it's value. Maybe you're drinking, but lacking the understanding of how it came to you, and the impact you're having on the developing world. Here are some links to help you consider your coffee, or your coffee avoidance, habits in a new light:

Here's where to go to learn about why it's important to drink Fair Trade, or some equivalent thereof. It's good to be informed about how coffee comes to us, and what we can to do to help those who enable us to enjoy this glorious beverage.

Here's where to go
to learn about the reality of coffee's many health benefits. Lose weight, avoid Type II Diabetes, excercise with less pain, improve short term memory.

And here's where to go to learn how to brew the perfect cup! Please don't say you dislike coffee until you've tried it properly roasted and brewed. Trying the commonly prepared cup and then saying you don't like coffee is like watching Jesus Camp and then saying you don't like Jesus.


At 3/2/07 11:45, Blogger Josh said...

I recommend checking out Pura Vida Coffee, a Seattle based fair-trade, organic coffee company. As well as supporting coffee farmers by purchasing fair-trade coffee, they also return their profits to the coffee growing communities through a number of economic, educational, and physical development programs they operate and support within those communities.

At 4/2/07 21:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm 35 years old, live in the NW and never tasted a cup of coffee. I really want to's been 35 years. What's next? Black Tar Heroin??? WHERE DO I STOP???

At 4/2/07 21:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Starbucks is where you end up and that is far south of black tar heroin. And it's for that reason I only drink Jim Beam!

At 12/2/07 13:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coffee is like the 2nd highest traded commodity in the WORLD! A 3rd world farmer makes less than 10 cents a pound for coffee!

Fair trade, shade grown and organic is great. Now lets also consider other purchases we make and how they affect the worlds poor!


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