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it's about 'what is church?' it's about whether 'emergent' is the latest Christian trend or something more substantial. it's musing on what it means to live the city, in America, in community, intergenerationally, at this time in history...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Come and see...

Come and see...
Come all ye faithful
Come all ye faithless, who are, nonetheless, looking, seeking
Come all ye who are carrying the weight of guilt, fear, shame
Come all ye who've tried and failed
Come all ye who've climbed to the top and are wondering why
Come all ye bitter, hopeless, weary, aimless
Come and see... this thing which God has done.

A Savior... Christ the Lord

What has he saved you from?
What is he saving you from?

O Come. See. Celebrate. Receive. Declare. Christ the Lord


At 26/12/08 12:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus saved me from drinking Alcohol and ruining my life and knowing for certain that i would die like most of my family are now.He has given me a New Life and i love him for it. This year i will be sober for 7yrs in June and i am looking forward to the positive change of knowing Jesus,loving him with all my heart,spirit,mind. This new year i hope that God will help me find a new family.
Loving Jesus, The 'Chief'


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