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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sophie Scholl

Sophie Scholl is a well made, intimate look at the life of one member of "The White Rose", a resistance group in Germany that fought Hitler through the distribution of literature. Their goal was to challenge the prevailing propaganda and cast an alternative vision for Germany's future. Many paid with their lives. The film follows this one member, painting a picture of Sophie: her convictions regarding what is right, her willingness to pay the price for such conviction, and the cost and suffering associated with paying the price. But it's more than just a well written, and brilliantly acted story. There are several themes woven together, any one of which would create a worthy discussion over coffee with some friends.

1. Why are words and ideas more threatening to the empire than guns? What does this mean for the church today? At what points should the church be resisting the empire today?

2. What can be learned from the poignant moment when Sophie parts from her parents? What does the parents response say about their priorities? What do we wish for our own children: safety, prosperity, integrity, courage? What kind of home will create children who are committed to making a difference in the world?

3. Sophie's poetic heart is critical to her capacity to maintain her clear vision for a better world. What, today, is the role of beauty and vision in our own lives? What is our vision for the world? What are we doing to move towards it, or to resist the forces that threaten it?

I could go on. But I'd suggest you meet with some friends, rent the DVD, and watch. Save an hour or two at the end for discussion!


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